Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Undercover cop needs gun to fend off
unarmed protesters who are filming his act of brutality.
Accountability NOW.
Restraint NOW.
Reform NOW.


     "My country, 'tis of thee,
      sweet land of (promised) liberty,
my hands I wring.
Land where the churches side
with white men full of pride,
every blockhead needs a bride;
Bend over and SING!"

"Guys with camera phones are the worst kind of terrorists.
Better train my assault weapon on him!
Because why act rationally? It's not like I'll face any consequences!"

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another TEX-ASS sized shit-storm is abrew. Ha-ha.

Here it is--in case you forgot.
I know I try and block it out all the time.
Would we really miss it?!

Ah, Texas. Reliable like Napalm, whiskey, and rat poison for 'getting the job done.'

What are they on about this week, you ask?

Check out the New York Times article on how badly they want to be 'let out
of' the Union (such as it is, to be fair.) 
Secession ahoy! (No, wait--we were just pretending all this time!)

Whether it's screwed-up text books for indoctrinating school kids, or being
on the back end of the 1950s for every matter spanning immigration to women's
rights, Texas is what we in the South refer to as 'a Real Problem.'

(Cue dramatic music and a sideways glance indicating 'someone' ought to
do something about said problem!)

Lo and behold, Tex-ass seems inclined to do it for us. I say "Let 'er rip!"

Redesign the U.S. borders, withdraw all federal funding, remove all National
Guardsmen, uproot anything of actual cultural significance (awesome bistros,
art galleries, and blues houses) and tell the rest of these knuckle-heads to
get out! DEPORTED! (as it were.)

What are there, like, fifty cool people in the damned state? Grant those poor
bastards asylum and pay to relocate them. Ya can't be blamed for geographically

rolling craps. Grab Wendy Davis, explain you can't make something delectable
out of shit, and put her to use in a real state.

With Tex-ass gone, the cumulative IQ of the Southern states may actually have
a shot at increasing. The reach of the South will not be as pervasive in cubic feet,
and then we can put enticing fact on all our travel commercials to other countries!
People headed out West from the lower southern quadrant need not fear dealing
with ass-hat Texas law enforcement.

We won't have to deal with as much ludicrous proposals and legislation and
decrees from the Quagmire State. Oh-My-Goodness...wait! Could we actually
make Bushie's "pResidency" null and void? (Unfortunately, there's no time
travel yet, but...fingers crossed.) Crud...never mind...Herbert and Prescott weren't
born in Texas. Drat.

As 'real, proud 'mericans' are wont to say,
"If you don't like it here, Get the FUCK out!"


Thursday, October 30, 2014

It even has
the same number
of syllables
Beware the conspiracy.
(Brought to you by Far-reaching Fear Mongers for
a Regressive America. Don't forget to vote us into
the Stone Age next Tuesday.)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The New V.D.; Get Swept Up in the Drama!

Tomorrow is
Act Accordingly!

Celebrate the NEW
February 14th;
Extend your love to
those who need it most!


Friday, December 27, 2013

Riddle me this:

Why is it...
that when you get 3 idiots together,
instead of forming one good brain,
you just get 3 times the stupid!?!

Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Not 'Political Correctness' We're Worried About

This man is not an important person.
He is, however, an influential person
(and our society has vast difficulty in
differentiating the two.)
His thoughts and opinions of homosexuals are
inspired by laziness, personal bias, clutching
onto ignorance, misinformation, and a man-made
book that has been used to perpetrate the evils
of man for centuries.
Here's why it matters what was said;
       This is the body of a gay man lynched and
burned to death in Uganda. It happened because these people
had similar thoughts and opinions to those of Phil Robertson
and his cronies.
Thinking someone is 'not as moral as' you are leads to
(false) superior thinking. Looking down on others allows
there to be less compassion for them. It sets up a slippery
slope; just look at how extensive the propagandist campaign
against the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and others Hitler
raged against. He and his man Goebbels used the repetition
of lies and use of fear to pit public opinion against those
groups long before he tried to physically harm them.
Brain washing.
Spreading misinformation and scapegoating people
leads to actions like this; action brought about by the
rhetoric, money, and teachings of AMERICAN
evangelical pastors and churches, who believe in an support
the idea of gay men and women as 'something less than'
and who see us as acceptable targets.
This is why words matter.
This is why political stances are significant.
These are the realities behind 'beliefs.'
Our lives trump your ill-gotten religious notions.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hot weather in December SUCKS!
I want my cold weather and
true Winter promised by the

(Of course, this is Georgia--can you hear
the indignant chorus of "What the hell's a

Friday, October 4, 2013


Forget outrage...
Forget disbelief...
Forget withholding their monies
or even firing these worthless, selfish
cluster fuck asses who have ILLEGALLY

Throw their self-righteous hides
for treason
and attacking the American people's
way of life.

Why are they enjoying the benefits
of a lop-sided double standard
running in their favor?

It's all good--keep it going.
This may be the final straw that
bridges the gulf between the American
public and incites violent action.

It's time.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

True Colors: "You know how THEY is!"

So, the big news for the week in DEVLlle (depending on
who you are, naturally,) was that ol' Daniel went and sold
his Sunoco franchise to a new owner.

And when the fact that the new owner is an Indian gentleman
(as in overseas, the Republic of India, South Asia locale) Indian
descent, not Native Peoples--since that was always an offensive
name anyway) became known, THAT was the part that got
everyone all bent out of shape!

Comments from every breed and age about how 'they' act and
how 'they' are taking over. Bits like "You know how they are"
and gloomy catastrophizing about the future of the store, the
quality of the gas, whether the fried chicken would stay, and
what the fate of the current store employees would be.

But all of it through that none-too-subtle veil of disgust and
stereotype-based contempt.

I really try and give people the benefit of the doubt, but when
grown folks act like they've never left kindergarten or experienced
the world in any significant way, it's tiresome. And sad.

But mostly I just can't wait to liberate myself from the cultural
deathtrap and regressive nature of DEVILle.
Here's to goals.
Educating people is no longer on that list.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ruin Everything


I used to love the names
'Rick' and 'Scott' tremendously.
Before the super-criminal and state-sponsored
hoodwinker thug Florida governor took office.

(I suppose I need to confirm him as the 'current.'
We had some doozies.)

Remember, kids--
Crime doesn't pay...
unless you're rich, connected,
and/or super-white.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Whatever Your Mind Dreams Up

It's open season on ANYONE deemed an

and if you know gun owners, you know they're
mostly some unstable, trigger-happy sumbitches to
begin with....a problem looking for a place to

I have the misfortune of working with Hitler Jr. a few
nights a week, and he is a Fox News aficionado,
believes he needs a gun strapped to him to feel safe
with the 'unruly Negroes' that come in the place of
business, and is an angry, tension-filled, privileged
prick who is resentful and paranoid.  ('Course, part of
that might come from his excessive drinking, but...)

'Stand Your Ground' is a bad, bad, bad idea,
giving leeway and invitation to paranoia and racism in
the minds of some already unstable folks who are looking
for a place to detonate.


Stand Your Ground..Against Racism

If you think that being in the wrong place
at the wrong time makes you
'equally culpable' for your own unjustified murder....

if you don't think race played a part in
the murder of Treyvon Martin
(like, say, the motivating factor in
Zimmermen feeling unnecessarily
frightened or making false profiling)...

if you assume guilt or criminal
intent because a teenager wore a
hoodie, was 'shooting birds' on facebook,
or smoked some weed .....

if you think the jurors did their best
and were not skewed in their viewpoint....

if you think that 'Stand Your Ground'
is a smart law and has no issues with it...

if you're happy that Zimmerman got off and
hopeful that it 'sends a message' to 'the rest of them'...

then you are definitely racist as fuck,
regardless of whether you realize it or
recognize it as such or believe it.

Because the insidiousness of racism is
that it goes from 'opinion' to 'fact' in
the mind of the person feeling the
discriminatory outlook...justified and
excused and assumed to be 'truth,'
filtering all new information and events.

Racism: The Great American Epidemic.

More people being infected by it doesn't
make it more legitimate. Get well soon.